Pacific Maple KD, Skip Dressed


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Pacific Maple dimensional timber kiln dried and skip dressed ready for your next project.


Random lengths available between 0.9m-6m.


Price per lineal meter:

200mm x 50mm $43.83

250mm x 50mm $54.78

300mm x 50mm $65.73


Common names: Pacific maple, aglaia, bekak, amoora, tasua

Scientific Name: Aglaia cucullata

Distribution: Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands

Tree Size: 20-30 m tall, 0.6-1.0 m trunk diameter

Average Dried Weight: 605  kg/m3

Specific Gravity Basic, 12% MC: .54, .60

Janka Hardness: 4,500 N


Appearance: Can range in color from a pale brown to a darker reddish brown. Frequently color is linked to density—heavier pieces tend to be darker in color. Overall appearance resembles mahogany.

Workability: Easy to work with hand and machine tools. Turns, glues, stains, and finishes well. Has a tendency to warp or deform during initial drying, although dimensional stability is good once dry.


For more details about this species follow the link to: Pacific Maple | The Wood Database (Hardwood) (


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