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Earn up to 14,750 Wood Chips.
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ICE DEEPCAST is a premium advanced polymer epoxy designed for casting objects, both natural and man-made materials, to create a CRYSTAL CLEAR, 3D look. This resin is safe to pour up to 7-10cm at one time with NO bubbles or haziness.

ICE DEEPCAST is a two-component 2:1 ratio, UV stable Deep Casting epoxy. Typically used for high-build crystal clear coating.

ICE Deep Casting epoxy offers a finish with crystal clear transparency, ideal for live edge table tops, Charcuterie boards, and other applications requiring a deep cast (up to 7cm) and a high level of transparency. ICE Deep Casting Resin has the highest level of UV Inhibitors on the market, making it resistant to yellowing and fading.

ICE Deep Casting epoxy has virtually no odour and can be used indoors without ventilation or bulky respiration equipment.

✔️ Extremely durable, scratch resilient & maintenance free

✔️Crystal clear

✔️UV resistant, does not yellow

✔️VERY Easy to use & low odour

We only recommend what we use and love! We choose to stock products that are high quality, well-known and trusted brands. Our woodworking products have been tried and tested by us on pieces for our clients and we wanted to have these accessible and available for other woodworking professionals as well as hobbyists.






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