Black Diamond Pigments – 2g Sachet of Pigment Powder


Earn up to 60 Wood Chips.

Black Diamond Pigment Powder – 2g Sachet

Black Diamond Pigment Powder Sachets are the best quality pigments to use for any D.I.Y resin projects! We have many different colours available. Please contact us to special order any colours we don’t currently have in stock.

Use for plastics, slime, epoxy, nail polish, automotive paint, lacquer, soap, resins, fiberglass, bath bombs, latex, rubber, screen printing, candle making, crafts, jewelry, Plastidip, plastic resins, melt pour soap, embossing, and wood. These sachets are perfect for any project requiring a vibrant touch. Visit us on Instagram for inspiration!

  • NON-TOXIC Professional Grade Mica
  • ALL of the pigment powder sachets are ethically sourced

Why Black Diamond Pigment Powder?

We choose to use Black Diamond Pigments in our custom furniture and projects as they are high quality, reliable and have a wide variety of vibrant colours to choose from.

Whether you prefer to try out a small sachet of pigment powder or dive in with a large tub of your favorite colors, the pigments are super versatile and unique, which can be applied to so many timber projects, DIY’s and crafts.

We have thoroughly used and have tested Black Diamond Pigments in our own pieces and projects for clients around Australia, so we happily recommend them and stock these in an assortment of different colours.

The ranges of Black Diamond Pigments that we stock include:
Fluorescent, Ghost, Glitter, Imperial, Lux, Matte, Multicolour, Single Tone, Two Tone and Diamond.

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 9 × 5 cm

Caribbean Blue, Blue/Green, Copper Penny, Purple Haze, Pink Pearl, Black Diamond, Jungle Green, Liberty Copper, Burple, Cobalt Blue, Tuscan Sunset, Black Onyx, Diamond Liquid Fire, Merlot, Diamond Battleship Grey, Battleship Grey, Iridescent Green, Diamond Deep Sea Blue, Blue Slate, Red Glitter, Gold/Orange, Liquid Fire, Scarlet, Diamond Gold, Ghost Blue Pearl, Ghost Copper Pearl, Ghost Diamond Blue, Ghost Gold Pearl, Ghost Red Pearl, Ghost Satin Green, Ghost Satin Red, Ghost Satin Violet, Green Envy, Imperial Pink/Redish, Kiwi, Lux Blue, Lux Green, Mahogany, Pure White, Roman Gold, Sapphire Ghost Blue, Silver Pearl, Stirling Orange, Vivid Orange, White Diamond Effect, Copper Penny


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