Victorian Ash KD


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Victorian Ash dimensional timber kiln dried and dressed all round ready for your next project.

140mm x 45mm $21.30

190mm x 45mm $33.50

200mm x 38mm $46.10 (Rough sawn)




Random lengths available between 0.9m-6m.


Price per lineal meter.


Common names: Mountain Ash, Victorian Ash

Scientific Name: Eucalyptus regnans

Distribution: Southeastern Australia, also grown on plantations

Tree Size: 70-100 m tall, 1-1.5 m trunk diameter

Average Dried Weight: 680 kg/m3

Specific Gravity Basic, 12% MC: .49, .68

Janka Hardness: 5,400 N


Appearance: Heartwood tends to be a medium yellow to light brown. Sapwood slightly slighter than heartwood, but not clearly demarcated. Gum and mineral veins and streaks are common in the heartwood.

Workability: Overall easy to work with hand and machine tools. Glues, turns, and finishes well.


For more details about this species follow the link to: Mountain Ash | The Wood Database (Hardwood) (

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