Blue Gum (200mm x 50mm) KD Skip Dressed


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Sydney Blue Gum kiln dried and skip dressed ready to use for your next project.


Random lengths between 0.9m-6m.


Price per lineal meter.


Come in store to select your timber.
Let us know your size requirements and we can pack your order.

Dressed all round and cut to size services are available, contact us for a quote.

If you would like your timber freighted to you, we can organise a quote.


Sydney blue gum is a large hardwood species growing to a height of 60 metres or more. It occurs natively in forests along the coast of New South Wales and southern Queensland.

Sydney Blue Gum is an important general construction timber, particularly in New South Wales. It is widely used for flooring, cladding, fencing, paneling and boat building. Other common applications include landscaping, furniture and joinery.

The heartwood of the species ranges in colour from dark pink to a reddish brown. Sapwood is distinctly paler. The grain of Sydney blue gum timber is typically straight, with occasional interlocking of grain. Texture is moderately coarse and gum veins are common.

Sydney blue gum timber is easy to dry relative to most other eucalypts. It is also easy to work, dress and fix. It responds well to most finishes and takes a good polish, making it popular for decorative applications where moderate durability is required.




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